Yotaphone.eu is an internet site created out of a wish by several individuals to present data and instructions from various sources with interested individuals around the world. The site is still in its infancy and therefore there’s a lot of experimentation taking place. Having said that, we intend to only publish information that those who visit our web page will find helpful. So even though there’s a bit of experimentation taking place, the standard of the information we post will be of the highest standard. It is just that for the moment, there is a bit of setting up and arrangements to sort out.

It’s our objective to make this site a general objective hub of data, tips and instructions. The key areas of focus are business, leisure and self growth. It is also our intention to share some of the information that we come across on-line from time to time. It will include stories, graphics, video clips and blogs. A few will be for pure enjoyment and others are going to be educational and enlightenment. We hope that all those who visit our website can take something away that can help them in one way or another.

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